Sandcastle Sculpting Competition at Lappeenranta Sandcastle 1.-6.6.2020

Sandcastle Sculpting Competition at Lappeenranta Sandcastle 1.-6.6. 2020
In the summer of 2020, a Sandcastle Sculpting Competition will be held at the Sandcastle in Lappeenranta. The sculptures at the Sandcastle will be created in a sand sculpting competition, to which we wish to invited sculptors from countries with a flight connection or tourists coming to Lappeenranta.
The subject of the contest is the traditional sandcastle loved by all. Participants should sculpt the most impressive castle of their homeland as a part of the collection at the Sandcastle.
There should be five teams of two people each responsible for their competition entry My Castle, the castle of their choice, and another simpler sand sculpture with the organizer’s chosen theme.

The Sculpting at Lappeenranta Sandcastle
The confirmed participants will be provided with their travel fair and accommodation (room and board) between 1.-6.6. The initial sculpturing and familiarization with the local sand conditions will be done with the organizer’s themed sculpture to be constructed during 1.-3.6. The competition will be held on 4.-6.6. Each team will receive their sand cube of approx. 2 by 2 meters. Each team can add another meter on the sculpture to each direction and make other artistic changes. The teams are provided common sculpting instruments but are allowed to use any own tools they are used to. The sculptures need to be finished during these three days to participate.

The Opening of the Sandcastle and the selection of winners
The Sandcastle is opened on 6.6. and the sculptures will be viewed by the public from 10 am onwards. The visitors at the Sandcastle can vote for their favourite Sandcastle. The final winners will be selected with the Competition Patron at 3 pm. The award ceremony will be held at 4 pm at the Sandcastle stage.
1st Prize 3000 €
2nd Prize 2000 €
3rd Prize 2000 €
4th and 5th 1000 €

How to participate
To participate in the contest, please send an email to Antti Tuomaala at the City of Lappeenranta at . In the email describe why you a qualified team to enter with a one page CV of each sculptor and either a link to previous works or 2-3 photos of the same. There will be preference given to the artists from the countries with direct flight connections to Lappeenranta.
Ryanair: Berlin, Budapest, Milan – Bergamo and Laudamotion: Wien