Christmas World at Mariana´s Square

Once again, the delightful Christmas World opens at the Maria´s  Square (Marianaukio) to bring the Christmas spirit to everybody through visual means. The Christmas World is open to visitors from 4 December to 7 January.
One of the landmarks of the Christmas World is a big Christmas tree, decorated by students from the Lönnrot School with hand-made decorations. 
In addition to the big Christmas tree, there will be several smaller Christmas trees, thousands of Christmas lights, Santa’s favourite animals, and a Christmas-themed Lappeenranta photo frame for taking Christmas photos.


The Christmas World also has Santa Claus’ branch office. Peek through the windows of Santa’s workshop to see the elves hard at work at their gift wrapping station. The workshop also features Santa’s chair and Christmas-themed decorations. Santa’s sleigh is parked in front of the workshop.

Santa himself has promised to pay a visit on weekends.

Santa’s workshop welcomes visitors to send their greetings to Santa Claus and his Eastern friend, Ded Moroz.



Send your greetings by 21 December. After that, your message will be delivered, depending on the recipient, to Korvatunturi or Viipuri, Lappeenranta’s twin city.

This year, the Marianaukio Square will help you tune into the Christmas spirit with round-the-clock Christmas music and a large display screen showing, among other things, Christmas drawings and greetings from schoolchildren. Come and feel the Christmas spirit!