Leningrad Region

The Leningrad Region is located in the North-West of the Russian Federation.
The area covers more than 84,000 km2, includes more than 5,200 cultural heritage sites, 65 local history museums, 2 palaces and park ensembles, 186 manor complexes and 6 medieval fortresses. The UNESCO World Heritage List includes 23 sites located on the territory of the Leningrad Region. It is the closest region of Russia to the EU, bordering the Republic of Finland in the North-West and the Republic of Estonia in the West. The “Corridor” between St. Petersburg and the Republic of Finland includes a part of the Karelian Isthmus, namely the Vyborg and Vsevolozhsk districts.


The border area can offer tourists a large selection of cultural and historical heritage of the nations that lived at different times on these lands. In addition, the region offers a large selection of hotels and recreation centers in proximity to nature offering relaxation from the bustling city.
The main tourist center of the Vyborg district is the city of Vyborg offering popular attractions such as the Vyborg Castle, the Alvar Aalto Library and the Monrepos Park. The Vyborg and Vsevolozhsk
districts also have a wide variety of nature and culture attractions as well as amusement parks and museums for the whole family.


Good to know:

• Most of the local web-pages are in Russian language, but Google translator can be used
• Vyborg is located only 30 km from the Finnish border (Nuijamaa) and 60 km from Lappeenranta. There are many small hotels and cafes serving tourists in English language
• Fishermen mostly like the coastline in the area of Vyborg and Primorsk. Most areas do not require the fishermen to have any special license


• Many residents of St. Petersburg have a dacha (cottage) on the Karelian Isthmus, popular for the beauty of its nature - pine forests, fresh air and the opportunity to relax on the lakes or on the Gulf of Finland
• Mobile communication and the Internet may be unstable, it is recommended to download maps in advance
• Some places of interest and accommodation are not always easy to access during the off-season
• Most petrol stations are located closer to the cities. In order not to be left without gasoline it is better to refuel in Vyborg or in St. Petersburg (or about 10 km from them)