St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is Russia’s pearl of the Baltic Sea. This magnificent city lies on the Neva River in continental Europe.
It carries layers of Russian and world history, having been at the frontline of many important events in the past centuries. Throughout the years St. Petersburg was a magnet for talented and ambitious people not only from Russia, but even from all over the world. Life of many talented writers, poets, painters, architects and composers was closely tied with this city and it influenced their artistic way. All of these created the specific romantic character of the city and made the Northern Capital of Russia a true center of the country’s cultural life.

The city on the Neva has a wealth of attractions and experiences to offer travelers: from spectacular imperial palaces to offbeat museums, from boat trips along the city’s majestic rivers and canals to walks in the footsteps of St. Petersburg’s literary and artistic greats. The city’s historical centre is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Let’s take a look at the impressive numbers: there are 210 libraries, 206 museums, 98 theaters, 92 cultural and leisure institutions, 38 concert halls and 11 art spaces in the city and each year there can be added some new places.
Tourists visiting St. Petersburg can experience the full palette of emotions: touch its history, taste a spicy mixture of cultures, breathe in the Northern crispy air, listen to the music of the Neva River waves and enjoy white sleepless nights. The city keeps changing day in and day out as new thematic museums, vibrant events and fancy venues appear non-stop.


The Northern Venice (as St. Petersburg is called) is an important economic and academic center of Russia, as well as a large transport hub. St. Petersburg is not only a city with a unique cultural
image, but also a place of traditionally high level of culture. Citizens of St. Petersburg are welcoming and considerate toward guests; they love their city and know its history.
In St. Petersburg everyone can find something exactly for himself and there can’t be enough time to get sated of this city, as every time you will find some new places to discover, spectacular views to gaze at and cultural events to enjoy.