Lappeenranta bucket list

We´ve prepared a bucket list for you consisting of things you should experience during your time in Lappeenranta. To give a clear image of what´s happening in this lovely city we devided the bucket list into 10 section which help you to familiarize yourself with Lappeenranta.

1. Get to know the basics of your new home town

2. Learn about the local history

The City´s history is actually pretty interesting. We´ve been under both Swedish and Russian influence. Sweden and the Russian empire actually fought in Lappeenranta during the Russo-Swedish war in the 18th century which resulted in Russian victory. The city was however founded by Swedish queen Christina in 1614. She named the city Vilmanstrand which means wild man´s shore in Swedish. As at the time we were a small village and the people were considered somewhat barbaric hence the city´s emblem.

3. Meet the locals

We don´t know what stereotypes you might have of Finnish people but generally speaking we are considered as reserved, introverted shy and modest people that respect personal space.

4. Try to learn the language

We don´t know if you´ve heard this but Finnish is considered the second hardest language to learn after mandarin Chinese.

5. Lose your Lake Saimaa “virginity”

Lake Saimaa is actually Europe´s 4th biggest lake, it starts from Lappeenranta and goes up to central Finland.

6. Enjoy our pure nature

7. Indulge yourself in sports and recreation

8. Eat local delicacies

9. Get out and visit our best cafes and bars

10. Don’t miss the events

11. Bonus

As we come to an end with our bucket list the 10th segment is actually a bonus one as the following will be very rare to experience.

Finally seeing the Northern Lights which is a natural light phenomenon (caused by solar winds and different particles. They are most common near the poles during winter.) This video was actually taken near the Lappeenranta Campus 3 years ago.

So that was it! Start crossing off things from this bucket list today!

By Darius Rahman and Josefina Uggelberg.