“Harbor Evening Lights”: When Lappeenranta lights up

Lappeenranta is now ending its hibernation after a snow-full beginning of the year. Things seem to be very promising with this kick-off event, the annual Harbor Evening Lights
The exact name of this event, Sataman iltatulet ja tuhannen lyhdyn kuja (The evening lights of the harbor and the alley of a thousand lanterns) takes place yearly before the start of Skiing holiday (also known as Winter holiday).

In this particular period of the year, temperature is not freezing, but snow hasn’t melted neither; thus, I believe now is the perfect time to get out from your winter shelters and enjoy the most beautiful time of the Finnish winter, right here at the Lappeenranta Harbor.

Harbour Khan 1.jpg

The stage has been back to action, which brought hundreds of residents to come and enjoy the music

Harbour Khan 2.jpg

Children playground gains plus points for this snow sledge, which has been proved to be the best for kids


As the main theme of this year’s event is Fire, ice candles, fire places, and torches can be seen all over the place. This eventually creates coziness for the attendees, fills them with warmth and joy. It has been since August that I saw as much people at the harbor as today.

Harbour Khan 3.jpg

Small candles like this fellow are scattered all around the event area.

Harbour Khan 4.jpg

Along with these electrical lights.

Harbour Khan 5.jpg

Remember our marshmallow fireplaces? Yes, you can enjoy those here as well.


The coolest part of this event, I would say, is to walk on the “Harbor Boulevard on ice”: It is a path made by candles, which leads you from the boat Prinsessa Armaada to the furthest point of the Harbor. Just imagine yourself walking on a frozen Saimaa Lake, with the beautiful candles showing you the way; it isn’t something that you can easy find anywhere but Lappeenranta.

Harbour Khan 6.jpg

A small part of the Harbor Boulevard on the frozen lake.

Harbour Khan 7.jpg

Did you know that, traditionally, ice candles are believed to make the fire last longer?

Harbour Khan 8.jpg

At the furthest point of the harbor, you can climb up this guardhouse and enjoy the view around

And of course, you can not warm yourself with fire only: There are also food and drinks services along the Harbor!

Harbour Khan 9.jpg

You can either have to coffee or hot chocolate to-go.

Harbour Khan 10.jpg

Or you can sit down and enjoy a warm drink at a coffee shop.

Harbour Khan 11.jpg

And if you are hungry, the Pepo vendor is your best choice with grilled sausages.

After living for quite a while in the Finnish winter, there is no better feeling than going to the cozy, fun, and exciting Lappeenranta Harbor, enjoying positive atmosphere, drinking hot chocolate and eating grilled marshmallows, and cherishing the magnificent Finnish nature on Saimaa Lake.

Harbour Khan 12.jpg

Lappeenranta Harbor and its surroundings, 02/2019


By Khanh Tran