From crossing forest trails to leaving footprints in the sand…

Spending hours on end in luscious beaches or towering mountains, sipping purely and locally produced wine or ouzo, discovering the inconceivably vast and rich historical treasures, enjoying one of the most delectable cuisines in the world over the company of everyday-philosophers, passionate debaters and spirited companion. That’s what Greece is all about; being impassionate yet, disallowing a labyrinthine view of this world to take over by simply enjoying the trivial things in life.

But what happens when such a culture stumbles across a culture that opts out for a more ‘Laconic’ way of conversing, prefers perhaps, to keep the scope of ‘personal space’ comfortably wide, finds peace in the beauty of the pristine forests and myriad lakes, and has, eminently, a highly ambitious and diligent people, deeply motivated by the potential and commitments towards the future and future generations?

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Whether it is a Finnish woman and a Greek man falling in love at first sight in the island of Kos (ironically enough the very reason I exist) or welcoming a group of Greek travellers for the first time in the humble airport of Lappeenranta, when the two cultures meet; something beautiful happens. It is when two worlds, with completely different backgrounds and, arguably, very diverse values, merge that one realises the inherent respect and thirst for gaining a new understanding of life by becoming acquainted with a culture, distant from one’s own. Undoubtedly, Finnish people could learn a couple things from Greek people just as Greek people could definitely learn a lot from the Finnish ways. And that there, is the very beauty of travelling.
So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags, leaving out presumptions and expectations aside, and make good use of the endless (and gladly affordable) travelling possibilities that our limitless world has to offer; including the new weekly Wednesday-connection to Athens from Lappeenranta that has now officially opened!

Things to do in Athens:

• Visit the Parthenon Temple in Acropolis
• Take a stroll in the graphic area of Monastiraki
• Climb the highest point of Athens; Lycabetus Hill
• Try the famous ‘Gyros/Souvlaki’ at a local restaurant
• Commute to the “Athenian Riviera” where you will find stunning beaches and can enjoy a range of freshly caught fish


Things to do in Lappeenranta:

• Take a stroll down in the harbour and Sandcastle
• Have a taste of the local delicacies of ‘Vety’ (meat pie with egg and ham, vegan alternatives also available) and ‘Karjalanpiirakka’
• Spend a peaceful weekend in a rented “mökki” (wooden cabin) in the heart of nature
• Enjoy a range of sports such as frisbee golf and cycling around the city (using the easily accessible cycle paths)
• Cruise around the biggest lake of Finland; Saimaa and explore the forest trails where you can light a fire in one of the local ‘laavu’s
The new flight route was inaugurated on the 16th of May.
By Veronica Kontopoulou