Exploring museums of Lappeenranta

More and more often, warm and cheerful sun appears on the sky and brightens our days. However, summer has not yet come into force, and the warmth occasionally changes for light frosts, biting winds and rains. In such a weather, we naturally seek for a shelter to wait it out. If you, however, do not wish to stay at home, and instead would to like see and learn something – there are some great places for you to visit. In this blog, I would like to share with you three must-see places I have recently visited in Lappeenranta. Should you decide to follow my path and see for yourself, you will not regret.

All of the three places I have visited are museums – each of them unique in its own way. Let’s start off with the journey.

South Karelia Museum

Etelä-Karjalan museo photo Aleksei Muss
South Karelia Museum building is a former artillery depot.

Housed in a nineteenth-century artillery depot, the museum itself is a historical heritage. Not less interesting are the two exhibitions it has to offer us. If you make it to the museum until 5 November 2017, you will have a chance to see rare color photographs taken during the Winter War and the Second World War.

Konsertointia taidemuseossa photo Aleksei Muss
I had the luck to attend the opening of the exhibition.

Presented in color, the pictures very well reflect the mood of the hard times on the front and behind the lines, serving as a reminder for all of us. Honestly speaking, the “Colours of war” left me speechless.

Museo valokuvausta photo Aleksei Muss
Part of the “Colours of war” exhibition caught in a panoramic view.

There is one more exhibition in the museum, which is there on a permanent residence basis. It is called “On the Border – Three Karelian Cities”. Relating to the central chapters in the history of Lappeenranta, Vyborg and Priozersk, the exhibition offers things to explore and learn for more than just one museum visit.

Viipurin pienoismalli photo Aleksei Muss.jpg
Vyborg city layout.

Pieces of interior from the past of the cities.

As you pass the showcases and discover different times of the cities, the exhibition doesn’t only engage your visual sense, but also that of hearing. You can hear melodies from different epochs, so the total immersion and great experience are guaranteed.

The Wolkoff House Museum

Wolkoffin talomuseon edessä Aleksei Muss.jpg

About to travel in time.

If you feel like trying the time machine, you should visit the Wolkoff House Museum. The unforgettable experience you get there very much feels like travelling in time. As you step into the museum, you travel decades back into the past. Being a former home for four generations of Wolkoff family, the historical heritage is now open for visitors. As you explore the house with an audio-assisted guided tour, you can’t help marveling at the genuine household effects.

Wolkoffin talomuseo photo Aleksei Muss, blogi.jpg

The audio-assisted guided tour is available in Russian, English, and Finnish languages.

The ambiance and interior is so well-preserved, that it felt like I had traveled in time.

Wolkoff interiööri photo Aleksei Muss, blogi.jpg
History captured in a panoramic view.

Lappeenranta Art Museum

Taidemuseo photo Aleksei Muss, blogi.jpg

Dating back to 1798, the building of Lappeenranta Art Museum is another historical site. Much to your surprise, the museum offers two modern-art exhibitions. Should you head over there by 21 May 2017, you will see some amazing works by a self-taught surrealist Päiviö Pyöttiälä. The works are touching on different interesting topics of the past, which will stimulate your imagination and provoke some new thoughts.

Nainen taidemuseossa photo Aleksei Muss, blogi.jpg
Part of Päiviö Pyöttiälä’s collection.

Not less interesting is the second exhibition offered by the museum – “We shall overcome”, which showcases art works from the museums 1960s-1970s collections. There is a something to marvel to here, too.

Veistoksia taidemuseossa photo Aleksei Muss, blogi.jpg
Part of the “We shall overcome” exhibition.

Well, what can I say? The museum-life in Lappeenranta offers some great experiences. With the wide choice of current and coming exhibitions, you will definitely find something to your liking. Thus, an engaging pastime is guaranteed.

Whether you are novice to museums, or a culture vulture, regardless of your age and other factors – there is one event that will interest you. Happening in Lappeenranta Fortress on the 20 May 2017 is a Museum night. From 17.00 to 23.00, you will be granted a free entrance to all of the museums in the Fortress! Not to mention that the event’s own agenda will be rich. Just come and see for yourself.
Should you need a sign to visit the museums – this is it!

This is all for now. I hope this blog would be helpful, and you, likewise, will have a journey full of discoveries.