Vincent Gerritse


Vincent Gerritse is a Dutch Nova College intern working for the City’s Communications and Tourism services for the Spring 2015. You can read his impressions in the Dutch Diaries of Lappeenranta.

Exploring the new world

Luotu 27.02.2015  Kirjoittanut Vincent Gerritse

February 1st is a day to remember. After a pleasant flight, a good connection by buss and train I finally arrived at Lappeenranta, completely overwhelmed. Not overwhelmed by the feeling of joy. Not the feeling of sadness, dissatisfaction or fear. To enter a world full of snow and traveling trough a magnificent landscape makes you feel like you are in a completely different world.  Now, on my third full day in Lappeenranta, I can say that I will surely enjoy my four-month stay in this beautiful place. It all looks like one of those Christmas movies!


It is not hard to settle in this city because of the excellent housing possibilities. Before I arrived I thought this city would be quite big, but everything is located close to each other, so the whole city centre is reachable by foot, which makes it easy to get to know the way around. I am staying in this city with a fellow student who is also attending an internship. To get settled in our apartment we went to a very large supermarket like the kind you can find in France. They sell everything you may need for your home. This made it easy to gather the product needed to fill up our kitchen drawers.


The apartment we stay in is very nice. The kitchen is cute and small, but there is a lot of space in the bedrooms. I could dance a waltz in there!

This is my third day at the tourist office, where I have been able to gather some information about this city and the possibility for some activities. It will not be long before I will attend my first activities.

The Finnish people are very warm and kind. They are not likely to start a conversation but when you ask them any question they are very pleased to help you. They also speak very well English and can make themselves clear very easily.

I cannot wait to explore more of this city and get to know the people who live here. I am looking forward to the four wonderful months that are waiting ahead!