Alina Stein


My name is Alina. I’m a 24-year old exchange student from Germany and I study at Lappeenranta Unversity of Technology – known as LUT.

Hei Everyone!

Kirjoittanut Alina Stein  Luotu 19.11.2015

My name is Alina. I’m a 24-year old exchange student from Germany and I study at Lappeenranta Unversity of Technology – known as LUT.

Many of my friends from home asked me ‘Hey, why did you go to Finland’ and I simply have to say ‘Well, why not?’  Since I came here for the first time, which was after my graduation, I fell in love with this country. The water, the trees, the nature and the people, who will always help and care for you. So it was clear where I would go for my exchange-semester and finally I started university in August in Lappeenranta.

The first questions that everyone asked me was: Is it only dark as in the night and is it already cold? The answer to both questions is a clear and loud NO. Actually summer in Finland is great! The days are warm (20°C) and the sun is shining really often and so bright I got a sunburnt nose.

As Lappeenranta’s nature is absolutely impressing I spent a lot of my time outdoors. When I arrived there were enormous Sandcastles at the harbor, not really castles but figures concerning the topic ‘heroes’. So there was a big Darth Vader or a huge Bat Man and you could even touch the figures, it was truly amazing. I have learned that this Sandcastle is constructed annually and new sand figures will be there again next June-August.



As the weather was so nice, I and some friends of mine decided on going on a kayaking tour at Lake Saimaa. The lake is enormous, it is like a sea as it is the fourth biggest lake in Europe. The kayaking tour led us through the beautiful nature of Finland. It was stunning! The blue sky, blue water and the green forests and it was so quiet. I enjoyed it so much, even though one member of our team flipped over with his kayak. But he was joking he was baptized by the lake and is Finnish now. There are Drakkar’s kayaks available for renting at the Tourist Info at the Sandcastle point right at the harbor.


As I go running Lappeenranta is like a paradise to me. There are so many possibilities to go for a nice, long run, for example along the lake and crossing the harbor, running around the airport, which is actually a nice track through the forest, and many more options.



The Finnish are very active persons so it is likely that you meet people on your way which means that you can always ask for directions if you got lost on your way. (NO…. This never happened to me… ;)).

That’s all for today, have a nice day and I’ll keep you updated about my life up North!