Zheng Zhang


Hello everybody, my name is Zheng Zhang from China. Now I am full degree student in Lappeenranta University of Technology studying Global Management of Innovation and Technology from 2015 to 2017. My first visiting to Lappeenranta was in 2014 at LUT Summer School for 1 month, and then I was totally falling in love with this one of beautiful and peaceful cities I had ever seen.

In and On Ice

Kirjoittanut Zheng Zhang  Luotu 31.03.2016

What is the first thing popping up into your mind, when people are talking about the Finland. Absolutely the first thing is Sauna, which is the most famous tradition in Finland. Everyone can imagine what the Sauna looks like in the summer time, however few people can figure out what it looks like in the freezing winter before coming to Finland.



In Lappeenranta, you can take Sauna everyday as each apartment complex has a common room for tenants. Almost everyday we have social events including Sauna in the evening. I personally really enjoy the Sauna time! In the peaceful and clean Sauna setting, we can sit around with friends and local people and chat like old friends. The most interesting thing is when you have sauna everyone drink beers and becomes more excited and happy. Most interesting thing is the mobile sauna, which means that the sauna that be driven by the cars to any place you want, but the most popular one is near the beautiful Saimaa Lake.


From Finish tradition, sauna does not mean that you stay inside all the time but “the recycling process”, which means that after sauna you should go outside and swim in the lake. After that you go back to sauna and repeat from time to time. However, in the winter, the lake is frozen and there is no place to swim. Thus the smart and brave Finnish invented the Finnish way to swim.


In the winter and spring they will drill a big hole in the center of the lake for them to jump in and dip their body in the freezing water. At the first time when heard about it, I was totally shocked. But there are scientific proof said from local people that the repeating the cycle from the high temperature to low temperature will help you increase the blood circulation through the body, which implies that it is very good for personal health.


Ice hockey is one of the most favorite sports in Finland, especially for the younger generation. Unfortunately I do not know how to play ice hockey, but I saw a lot in television. There is annual competition between my studying department and the business department at LUT. So I went to the outside ice-hockey playground with my colleges to cheer for my team. Even though it was cold, there were so many audiences coming to cheer up for players. I so admired the spirit and confidence of the players for their brave fighting and effective teamwork. Also I went to a professional hockey game in the stadium to enjoy the hockey culture and spirit with my friends.




I am so satisfied with my university, Lappeenranta University of Technology, because of the good quality of education and many nationalities studying and working here. Last weekend it was the Persian New Year “Nowrouz”, which all my Iranian and Kazakhstan Friends celebrated all the night for the new spring coming. As a Chinese student, it is so cool to see and experience totally different cultures, food and traditions. For me, the Lappeenranta is really an international city with peace and relaxes.