Zheng Zhang


Hello everybody, my name is Zheng Zhang from China. Now I am full degree student in Lappeenranta University of Technology studying Global Management of Innovation and Technology from 2015 to 2017. My first visiting to Lappeenranta was in 2014 at LUT Summer School for 1 month, and then I was totally falling in love with this one of beautiful and peaceful cities I had ever seen.

The Theater Night Out

Kirjoittanut Zheng Zhang  Luotu 07.04.2016

As the poet said, the life is a pot of black coffee, it is bitter but tasty if you really enjoy with your heart. But living in Lappeenranta tastes like black coffee with milk and sugar, so the sweetness fades the bitter in your life.


Especially this enjoyable Friday with sunshine and new friend, it was such an awesome memory from Lappeenranta. Now the spring has already came, the weather is getting better and better through the warm and bright sunshine.


In the afternoon, my friend and I went to the nice restaurant named CENTRE located in the city center near the IsoKristiina shopping center to have an early dinner. It is really a peaceful and enjoyable place to take dinner and have coffee talking with friends. When I came in, there had already some local customers sitting there to drink coffee, eat delicious food and enjoy the beautiful life.

The waitress was young and friendly, which made me feel so welcome and at home. In addition, the buffet is tasty and has the extremely exotic flavor, and I really enjoy it. After the dinner, we went to the pub named the Old Corner Bank with the good environment and high-level atmosphere. The Finnish people really are fans of beers. When they have free time, they hang out with close friends or families in pubs chatting, drinking, laughing and enjoying the life.


Sometimes I really appreciated and admire the living style of Finnish, which are so relaxed, happy, peaceful and gentle. And they are never hurry to do anything, the spirit of peace and ease makes them more effective and ordered on the other hand.


After the pub, we headed to the final destination, the big City Theater in Lappeenranta that locates in the third floor of IsoKristiina shopping center. The musical we were going to watch is the kind of ballad originally from Germany from the 18th century. The theater is quite big and modern, which presents a sense of adding value and high fashion. When it was close to the starting time, there were so many classic people wearing nice and formal suit with the tie, which implies the respect and honor of the Finnish people to theater and the high level art.



The most interesting thing for me is the middle break at the theater, which are really unusual in China. During the break, the people gathered in the big hall of the theater and the champagne, wine and sweet desert were served among the people. I could see how they enjoy the time and life in such an awesome way. In the end, I was totally impressed by the extraordinary performance of the actors and actresses, the beautiful and heavy high pitch of the song, and the delicate and brilliant stage. Language was secondary.


This Friday is really my day and I am so appreciate such wonderful things given by this pretty and peaceful city, Lappeenranta. All the theater tickets are only 12 euros for the students at the theater ticket booth which opens 1 hour before the show. www.lpreatteri.fi