Visit to Reindeer farm Vara-Lappi

Duncan Kuiper


My name is Duncan Kuiper and I will be doing my internship in Lappeenranta as Content manager. Iam originally from the Netherlands and I will be making photo’s and video’s of the touristic places in and around Lappeenranta.

From what I have seen is that the environment is really beautiful. Normally I wouldn't go out in the cold but it’s just too pretty not to go. I will be in Lappeenranta from begin of January 2017 till the end of May. In this time I will bring content to the people that would like see more of the things you can do in Lappeenranta.

Lappeenranta is a student city. This is because of the universitie. All the people here are pretty nice. Sometimes it’s hard to start a conversation but if you have a question they will always help you out. At first it looked like it was hard to make friends. This isn't the case at all. You just need to step up and talk to people. For some reason the people are really close with themselves but the moment you start talking with them you can have some nice conversations. So if you see me around and want to know something or just for a nice talk. Just come and ask I will not bite.

Visit to Reindeer farm Vara-Lappi

30 January 2017

My name is Duncan Kuiper and I am doing my internship in Lappeenranta as a Content manager. I am originally from the Netherlands and I will be making photo’s and video’s of the touristic places in and around Lappeenranta. I started with a visit to a Reindeer farm.

The moment we came on the meeting point there was a fancy minivan waiting for us. Two Mexicans joined us for the trip. The ride took about 25 min. When we arrived at the reindeer farm we couldn't see one house in the whole region. You could say that it was in the middle of nowhere. After a small walk we could see the reindeer. The first thing that came in my mind is that they are really big. I am used to seeing deer all the time but reindeer are on a way other level.

Poro 2 Vara-Lappi photo Duncan KupierPoro 1 Vara-Lappi photo Duncan Kupier

The reindeer were really fluffy and soft. Because I was filming and not feeding them they had way more attention to the persons that had food in there hand. Every bad sad has a kind of good side. Now i have some nice shots of the others feeding the animals.

After standing in the cold for a long time we went inside the cabin. Inside we got some Glögi. At first I thought that it was a kind of tea but it wasn't. The taste was really good and I must say it’s a must a taste when you get the chance. After the nice glögi and some talking we went outside again to make the last video shots. When the last shots were taken it was time to say goodbye to the reindeer.

Time that I spend in the farm was really fun. Also, who doesn't like to see reindeer?

You can go there, if you make a booking at the Lappeenranta Tourist Info at IsoKristiina Shopping Center, tel.+358(0)5667788.

Trip costs 20 euros per person and children under 5 years of age get in free with the parents. The trips lasts about 1,5 hours and included are litchen for the reindeer and drinks and cookies for a visitor.