Lappeenranta Airport launched Lakeland Experiences sales channel for travellers to purchase tourism services and products and companies to market their services


Lappeenranta Airport has introduced a digital Lakeland Experiences sales channel. Travellers arriving in Lappeenranta and Saimaa can book and purchase tourism services and products through the service. After booking and paying for the product, the customer receives a booking confirmation and further instructions directly from the service provider.

The sales channel is available on the Lappeenranta Airport website and can also be accessed through goSaimaa and Visit Lappeenranta websites.

According to Eija Joro, CEO of the airport, the aim of the new sales channel is to bring companies’ services closer to air travellers in a way that is easy to find and make purchases.

“Lakeland Experiences is a joint showcase that highlights the area’s service offering in a customer-oriented manner. The service allows companies to make their products available to customers who fly through Lappeenranta Airport or otherwise visit the area.”
“Companies can sell, for example, various trips, tours, cruises and other travel experiences through the service. The range of products will be extended to also include services more widely outside the Saimaa area.”

Lakeland Experiences_Lappeenrannan lentoasema_504x252.pngSales channel supports companies’ own marketing

The new sales channel is intended to encourage companies to create more products that can be purchased digitally. It provides a new additional sales channel for entrepreneurs in the area. According to Eija Joro, the service does not compete with companies’ existing marketing and sales channels, but supports them.

“All businesses that provide interesting travel experiences and services are welcome to join the Lakeland Experiences sales channel”, Joro says.

Joro explains that there is a widespread demand for tourism products and services, as airline traffic to Lappeenranta is increasing rapidly.

“There were just over 83,000 passengers last year and, this year, almost 140,000 seats are already available at this point. A direct, inexpensive flight connection is open from big European markets, such as Milan’s Bergamo, Berlin, Budapest and Vienna.”
“We promote the service not only through our own channels, but also in partnership with airlines and the airports from which direct flights arrive in Lappeenranta.”

Companies can get involved in the Lakeland Experiences sales channel provided that it is possible to sell their product or service in digital format through the Bokún system. Bokún is a content management system that allows companies to sell, manage and distribute services.

Once a company has created a product in the Bokún system, it can be integrated into the offering of the Lakeland Experiences sales platform. More detailed instructions will be available on the Lappeenranta Airport website going forward.

Lappeenranta Airport’s new sales channel has been implemented in cooperation with Finland’s leading Bokún expert, Stopover by Airtouch.

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