Lappeenranta Airport prepared for coronavirus – City of Lappeenranta also monitoring the situation


Lappeenranta Airport is prepared for the coronavirus. The City of Lappeenranta and the airport are closely following the situation as well as the guidelines issued by the authorities, and will act accordingly.

In Finland, The Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) is monitoring the international status and developing guidelines for the health care services and laboratories, assessing the health risks associated with the coronavirus as well as preparing an estimate about the direction in which the coronavirus situation can potentially develop.

In South Karelia, the responsible operator for the situation is the South Karelian Social and Health District (Eksote), who are prepared for the situation. Eksote has prepared local operational guidelines according to THL.

According to Eksote, if you suspect a coronavirus infection, please call your local health- and wellness centre first or the emergency service number 116 117. The customer receives operational guidelines based on the risk assessment.

─ As of 25 February, individuals travelling from Bergamo to Lappeenranta who get sudden respiratory symptoms, such as fever and/or cough and/or shortness of breath, should be examined for the coronavirus, Hospital Director Marjo Numminen specifies.

The responsibility regarding the travel guidelines lies with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and THL.

According to airport CEO Eija Joro, traveller instructions have been added to the airport premises, and travellers are provided with hand sanitizers. The airport staff has been instructed on enhanced hand hygiene.

– We are closely following the situation and acting according to the guidelines issued by the authorities. We urge passengers to follow the travel advice by the State Department and, of course, the guidelines of the health authorities.

The City of Lappeenranta and the airport are monitoring the coronavirus situation and will further inform about their operations if necessary.

The City of Lappeenranta recommends following the announcements of the public authorities:

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health as well as THL are actively monitoring the situation and will give information when the situation changes:

Eksote informs about the situation on their website

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs:

THL guidelines for individuals travelling to epidemic areas
THL guidelines for passengers arriving in Finland

Further information:

For the airport:
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South Karelia Social and Health District (Eksote), Hospital Manager Marjo Numminen
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