Myllysaari summer season has begun – the beach and park offer activities for the whole family throughout the summer


The summer season has begun at the Myllysaari beach. Myllysaari Family Park, and the beach, are again full of activities. Besides the beach, swimming area, beach volley courts and sauna, you can enjoy keep-fit classes in the park or open water, borrow equipment for games and enrol in the beach swimming school.

Sledding slide opens in July – diving tower’s top platform closed for safety reasons

During the summer season, from 13 June to 14 August 2022, the beach is monitored daily from 11–19, with the diving tower at the swimming area open from 11–18:40. The different diving tower platforms at 3 m, 5 m and 10 m will be open based on the water level. In early June, the water level does not allow the use of the 10-metre platform.

“The water level is measured several times a week,” says Mika Kivistö, maintenance supervisor at the sports services.

It is strictly forbidden to climb or jump from the tower outside the opening hours.

The sledding slide is undergoing renovation, but the goal is to open it at the beginning of July.  

“We have discovered new repair needs after the initial survey, and they have to be addressed before the slide can be opened,” Kivistö explains.

Equipment loan van, keep-fit classes, swimming school and sauna

The sports services’ LainaX equipment loan van will stop at Myllysaari on Tuesdays from 15:30 to 17:30 until 5 August. From the van, sports instructors loan various active games, sports equipment and balls and bats for beach games free of charge. If needed, you can also find extra players there. Follow the equipment loan van on Instagram @lainaxlpr during the summer.

Tuesday afternoons from 16:00–17:30 are reserved for youth beach volley and ‘koppipallo’ catch-and-throw game. All young people are welcome to come and play without prior registration.

“By participating in the activities during the reserved times, you accumulate playing points throughout the summer and may win a prize at the end of the season,” says Anni Karhu, sports instructor for children, young people and families.

Organised on Myllysaari picnic lawn, the keep-fit classes in the park are free of charge and do not require any registration. The schedules of the classes offered by the sports services are as follows:

  • Family classes, including a physical activity time for the children
  • keep-fit class in the park: Wed 18:00–18:45 (adults only, up to 10 August)

In addition, there will be keep-fit classes in open water on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:00 to 10:30. Besides the sports services, other actors also organise keep-fit classes at Myllysaari during the summer. Classes in water will continue up to 14 August.

The beach volley courts are at your disposal free of charge without prior reservation. You can book time slots with the sports services by e-mail at urheilutalo(a) The booking fee is EUR 5 per hour.

The Lappeenrannan Uimarit swimming club organises beach swimming school courses at Myllysaari between 20 June and 28 July. For more information and registration, visit beach swimming school groups and registration 

Myllysaari Public Sauna will be open through the summer with normal opening hours. On Midsummer’s Eve, 24 June, the sauna is closed. 

Myllysaari Public Sauna’s opening hours 

Monday turns for women and men on alternating weeks.

  • Mondays on odd weeks from 16:00–20:00
  • Tuesdays from 14:30–20:00.
  • Thursdays from 14:30–20:00


  • Mondays on even weeks from 16:00–20:00
  • Wednesdays from 14:30–20:00
  • Fridays from 14:30–20:00

Ticket sales end at 19:00. The maximum stay in the sauna is 1.5 hours.

Monday turns

Men’s Monday turns on odd weeks:

  • 6 and 20 June, 4 and 18 July, 1, 15 and 29 August, 12 and 26 September

Women’s Monday turns on even weeks:

  • 13 and 27 June, 11 and 25 July, 8 and 22 August, 5 and 19 September, 3 October

Lakeside Sauna ticket prices

Tickets are purchased from the sauna ticket office; cash and debit card payments only.




Further information:

Sledding slide and diving tower:  
Marko Siltamies 

Maintenance Manager,
tel. +358 40 653 4888

Mika Kivistö  
Maintenance Supervisor 
+358 40 637 2715

Keep-fit classes:

Anna Seppänen 

Sports Instructor Supervisor, Head of Sport Services 
+358 40 513 8140


Equipment loan van:  
Anni Karhu, Sports Instructor 

+358 40 630 9244