The Sandcastle is opening again on 1st of June 2024! This year the Sandcastle carries the name Lappeenranta - Heart of Saimaa

Information about the Sandcastle

The City Tourist Information office also operates in the Sandcastle area, where you can get brochures, maps, current information about places to visit, events and services in Lappeenranta region.

The Sandcastle area offers an extensive equipment rental that includes basic hiking gear giving tourists more opportunities to visit the archipelago and stay overnight in nature. In the summer, you can also take combined canoeing - floating sauna from the Sandcastle, or go on a fishing excursion.

In the Sandcastle area there's also a pop-up theme park complex Pomppulinnamaailma with bouncing castles and various amusement park rides plus a café and ice cream stand. After the Midsummer starts also the weekly programme full of activities.

The stunning Saimaa UNESCO Global Geopark sites are included in the new canoeing locations.

You can also use a city bike and explore Lappeenranta, one of the Europe´s greenest city!

Sculptors and the rest of theSandcastle 2023 team


Jarno Rossi
Laura Karjalainen
Antti Pedrozo
Simo Vartiainen
Eeva Karhu
Timo Koivisto
Inka Nordlund
Veera Costa
Rita Pulkkinen
Titta Eräniitty
Pilvi Jyrkänne
Juuso Partanen
Tilla Karppinen

Tehcnical department:
Teemu Simpanen
Roope Kojo
Janne Ruippo
Simo Sairanen

Partners of the Sandcastle 2023 here

Sandcastle and its information point open again starting from June 2024

Satamatie 13 a, 53900 Lappeenranta
phone +358 40 572 2224