Services for boaters

You can enjoy a relaxing boating holiday on the glimmering waters of Lake Saimaa, the largest lake in Finland. The Harbour provides versatile boating services and several guest berths, in the city centre.
The natural beauty and laid-back South Karelian atmosphere of this cheerful lakeside town, together with the wide range of accommodation, entertainment and available dining options are sure to keep guests entertained.
The Saimaa Canal is open to boaters throughout the season, 24 hours a day.

Information about boating services


There are over 70 guest berths available. The guest berths at Linnoitusniemi and Kasinonranta Bay are meant for small and medium boats. The Fortress quay is meant for boats over 15 metres. There are electrical and water outlets, at the quays. Washing facilities, saunas and toilets are just a few steps away from the quay. Waste recycling points, and septic and bilge water discharge equipment are located in the Linnoitusniemi area, at the Sataman Loiste guest marina. Fuel, boating equipment, refreshments and food products are also available at Sataman Loiste. The Maalaistenlaituri quay, at Harbour Square (Satamatori), has 10 berths for small and medium boats. The Maalaistenlaituri quay is primarily meant for short stops.

The Saimaa Canal

The Saimaa Canal has been a transport link between Lake Saimaa and the Gulf of Finland, since 1856. The Canal is 43 km long. Almost half of the Canal is located on area leased from Russia. Of the eight locks in the Canal, three are located on the Finnish side and five on the leased land. The locks are controlled from remote control centres in Mälkiä and Brusnitchnoe.
The Finnish Transport Agency has compiled simple guidelines for passage through the Saimaa Canal and the required documents. Read these guidelines carefully!