By train

You can get to Lappeenranta from Helsinki, by train, in approximately two hours. There are several daily connections between Helsinki and Lappeenranta.
Russian destinations, such as Vyborg, St. Petersburg, Tver and Moscow, are within easy reach from Lappeenranta. The superfast Allegro train takes you from Vainikkala in Lappeenranta to St. Petersburg, in 1.5 hours.

By train to Russia

Thanks to the fast Allegro train, St. Petersburg is closer to Lappeenranta than ever before. There are four return connections daily, so a day trip to St. Petersburg can easily become a reality. Travel time from Vainikkala to St. Petersburg is only around 90 minutes.
Passengers must hold a valid visa for entry to Russia. You can apply for one from a travel agent. The passport control and customs checks are carried out on a moving train.
The Tolstoy train runs once a day, from both Helsinki and Moscow. You can get to several destinations by a train, such as Vyborg, St. Petersburg, Tver and Moscow, which are all within easy reach of Lappeenranta. More detailed schedules for planning your trip:

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