Culture all year around

Lappeenranta is a city filled with opportunities to enjoy culture and relax. The landscapes echo with history and culture, offering a chance to enjoy the Karelian atmosphere.
We have gathered the most interesting destinations for culture-lovers, which will leave you amazed. Enjoy dinner by the Lake Saimaa and taste the local delicacies; vety and atomi. Hundreds of events are held in Lappeenranta. The student city’s festivals, concerts, sports- and street events spread out from the heart of the city to the shores of Saimaa 

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Sights and history

Lappeenranta has lived a colorful history between the border eastern and western culture for centuries. Lappeenranta got its city rights in 1649. The influence of Swedish and Russian culture can be best seen at the city’s oldest area, the Fortress. The city has turned into a modern tourism destination while preserving the pieces of history. For example most of the museums and few hotels work in historical buildings, which are good destination for those interested in architecture 

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Lappeenranta fortress

The Lappeenranta fortress is a valuable part of the Finnish, Russian and Swedish cultural heritage. Nowadays the fortress is a popular tourist destination, that offers visitors plenty of history and events all year around. Museums, orthodox church, and handicraft shops are in the fortress. Make sure to visit the house of Majurska for a cup of coffee and gaze upon the handicraft work of locals. Cultural and event venue Kehruuhuone opens the doors to modern Karelian culture.

The city of Lappeenranta received a new guided recreational route in the Fortress. With the nature and cultural trail it`s easier to explore the historical Fortress of Lappeenranta. The route around the fortress is about 1.8 km long and there are 11 signposts along the trail, that tell the story of the area's building and cultural history, as well as its distinctive vegetation

The nature and cultural trail´s guide is connected to the Fortress's virtual gide, and the QR code and website link on the signposts provide more information about the Fortress also in English.



Museums and galleries in Lappeenranta

Lappeenranta is a melting pot of cultures! Here you can find numerous museums and art galleries. The city's own museums are the South Karelia museumCavalry museum and the Lappeenranta Art Museum Are located in the Fortress, in old garrison and storage buildings by Kristiinankatu.

The South Karelia Museum operates in the sturdy, gray stone warehouses at the northern tip of the Fortress, in the former artillery depot premises. The Lappeenranta Art Museum operates in a bright yellow barrack building built in 1798 opposite of the Orthodox Church.


Wolkoff's House Museum is located outside of the Fortress area, by Kauppakatu. You can get to know the house museum with the help of a guide. Located near the Old Town Hall, the Wolkoff House is one of the oldest preserved wooden buildings in Lappeenranta. It was built in 1826-1905. The house served as a home for a russian family, named Wolkoffs between the years 1872-1983. The interiors of the house have evolved over four generations into an authentic ensemble.

Numerous galleries and exhibitions for art lovers! Galleria Pihatto is located in an old barnhouse amidst the historical mielieu of Lappee's old vicarage. The Gallery has new exhibtions every month. From the central you can find Mai-Art Gallery and Art Center Itä. From the tip of the Fortress you can find the store of Artisans of South-East Finland and Gallery Täky. 



Lappeenranta City Orchestra

The Lappeenranta City Orchestra is the smallest symphony orchestra in our country: a vibrant mini-sinfonietta consisting of 21 full-time musicians. The orchestra's diverse repertoire ranges from chamber music to symphonies, from classical to entertainment and from old to contemporary music. As the Saimaa Sinfonietta ensemble, the city orchestra performs together with the Mikkeli City Orchestra. The Saimaa Sinfonietta holds several concerts throughout the concert season in the Saimaa region.

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Lappeenranta City Theatre

The Lappeenranta City Theatre is the leading professional theater in the region, employing approximately 50 top-notch professionals. The theater produces 4–6 premieres annually on two stages, supplemented by a diverse program of selected guest performances. The theater building located in a shopping center provides excellent facilities to offer audiences unforgettable experiences.

The repertoire is varied and rich, encompassing drama, classics, musicals, and children's theater. Various guest performances and events complement the program, including concerts and circus arts on stage.

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Parks and Monuments

In Lappeenranta, a cozy urban environment is highly valued, and the city offers various old and new parks. You can read more about our parks here.
Because our city has been the meeting point of western and eastern cultures, you can find a lot of monuments and memorials. You can also find a speaking statue from the Harbour. The Kaunis Veera -statue has greeted travelers and locals arriving to the Lappeenranta Harbour since August of 2020. The statue awakened in Summer 2021 and you can hear her speak with an AR app, Arilyn. Read more about Kaunis Veera here.