Frequently asked questions

Who creates the sand sculptures?
This year the sand sculptors are all professionals. They come from Finland, Russia, Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, Latvia and Netherlands, .

How are the sand sculputers made?
First the sand is packed into molds using water and compactor. After the packing the sculpture is made from top to bottom. The molds are removed as the sculpting progresses.

Is there something mixed with the sand?
There is nothing but water mixed with the sand. The sand is particular type of sand that fits into creating sculptures. The sculpture is finished by spraying it with Finnish Kiilto 66 yleis-/puuliima glue-water mixture to get its hard surface.

What happens when it rains?
Normal rain does not hurt the sculptures. It here is a continued heavy rain, the surface of the sculptures may be hurt and the we will make repairs on them. 



What kind of tools are used in making the sculptures?
The sculptors use different kinds of spatulas and splints, shovels and so on. Many of them have also created theri own tools that they like to use. 

How long does the sculpture last?

Sculptures last a long time weather permitting. If the surface is broken, the sculpture breaks.