Lappee Church of St Mary

The Lappee Church is a double cruciform church, in the heart of the city. The church dates back to 1794. The belfry is located southwest of the church, in a park, and it is the only specimen of authentic neo-gothic architecture that remains in Lappeenranta. The belfry was designed by Director and Keeper E. B. Lohrmann, in 1852. It was completed in 1856. The church is open to the public in the summer.

Information about the church

Double cruciform church

When the previous parish church, located at the Fortress, burnt down in 1790, after a lightning strike, the decision was made to build a new church in a forest, outside the city. The new church was inaugurated in June 1794, with its interior still somewhat unfinished. Today, as the city has expanded, the church stands in the city centre.
The present church at Lappee was built by church-builder Juhana Salonen, from the village of Savitaipale. The church is a double cruciform church. Its transepts (arms) taper outwards and the square, protruding parts built between the transepts, extend the space inside the church. The belfry was completed some half century later, in 1856.
The present-day church building has undergone several restorations and reformations during its existence, the most recent of which, the refurbishing of the tin roof, was completed in 2002. The church seats approximately 840 people.

    Construction of the church was initiated in April 1792.
    The church was inaugurated in June 1794.
    The current pipe organ, in the church, dates from 1967.
    The pipe organ facade and the 10 stops hail from 1891.

Opening hours

Church is open 7 June - 8 August at 10 am - 6 pm 


Valtakatu 35, 53300 Lappeenranta
phone +358 40 312 6671