What would a summer trip to Lappeenranta without a canal or dinner cruise in the Saimaa archipelago?

This summer’s offering includes old familiar favourites: Saimaa canal and archipelago cruises, as well as trips to Puumala, Savonlinna and Ilkonsaari.

Information about the cruises

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    Saimaa Canal and archipelago cruises by m/s Camilla phone: +358 5 4530 380

    Saimaa Canal, the archipelago and Ilkonsaari cruises by m/s Saimaa Margareta phone: +358 10 574 5901

    Cruises to Puumala, Savonlinna and to the Saimaa Canal by m/s Carelia  phone: +358 5 5410 100

    Enjoy Lake Saimaa by hopping aboard a floating sauna in Lappeenranta, phone: +358 40 5880 738 e-mail:

Cruises on the Canal and in the archipelago

Experience the exciting lock procedure on the Saimaa Canal, during a two-hour canal cruise. First, the ship will sail to the mouth of the Canal and into the lock, where it will descend the 13-metre Mälkiä Lock. After the lock, the ship will turn around and sail back to Lappeenranta Harbour.
The three-hour Canal and archipelago cruise takes you to the Saimaa Canal and the Saimaa Archipelago. After the locks, the ship heads out to the idyllic Lake Saimaa Archipelago, before returning to busy Lappeenranta Harbour.

Ilkonsaari island

Ilkonsaari is a wonderful hiking destination in beautiful Saimaa. Several orthodox tsasounas built on the island add cultural value.

The Ilkonsaari island consists of two rocky ridges running southeast-northwest which are divided by a bedrock fracture zone weathered deeper than the surrounding environment. Rocky ridges are connected by a narrow land bridge. A stone ash paved path passes through Ilkonsaari. Due to the rocky terrain, there are steep climbs and descent. There are signposts for the Saimaa Geopark near both boat docks on the island.

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