Karelia Aviation Museum

The Karelia Aviation Museum is located near the Lappeenranta Airport. The museum was opened to public in 2000 and it is maintained by the Aviation Museum Association of South-East Finland. The museum is a dream destination for aviation enthusiasts. In addition to museum activities, the association has erected aviation monuments throughout South Karelia, with one even being on the Russian side of the border.

Information about the museum

Opening hours

31 May - 24 September 2021 Mon - Fri at 12 am  - 6 pm


Adults 5 €, children free.


Lentokentäntie 37, 53600 Lappeenranta
phone +358 50 3702 955 and +358 40 0755 431

Permanent exhibitions at the Karelia Aviation Museum

The museum has two exhibition halls. In addition to fighter aircraft, both halls feature smaller exhibits related to aviation.
In the hall showcases, you can see airplanes gauges, turbine wings and parts of bombers from aerial battles in WWII. The exhibits on the walls of the halls include flight equipment from MiG fighter planes and extra fuel tanks that are attached to the wings.

The following fighter aircraft are exhibited at the MG Hall:

    MiG 21 F (MG-77)
    MiG-21BIS (MG-127)
    MiG-21 (MG-106)