Mikonsaari Nature Trail

Mikonsaari Nature Trail (Mikonsaaren luontopolku) is a pleasant day trip destination close to the city of Lappeenranta.

Mikonsaari Island is located close to the city of Lappeenranta, but the distance by land from the city centre is about 10 km. It is an ideal day trip destination. There is a nature trail on Mikonsaari, starting from a parking area on the right-hand side of Mikonsaarentie Road. You will find a swimming area at the end of the trail. Hikers on the nature trail can observe a number of habitats in a small area.

Information about the trail


The trail takes you through an old coniferous forest and continues to a moist herb-rich forest. There is a spring in the herb-rich forest. You can drink from the spring. From the high cliff, a handsome view opens out towards the Pien-Saimaa archipelago.

Parking: Mikonsaarentie 345, Lappeenranta.