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10/16/2020 12:49 PM

Europe’s biggest low cost carrier Ryanair planned to fly four routes to Lappeenranta from Milan Bergamo, Berlin, Budapest and Memmingen near Münich. Due to corona pandemic and changing travel restrictions, these routes will be cancelled for the winter season. These routes are due to start again from summer season 2021 in April.

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8/24/2020 11:02 AM

Ryanair, Europe’s largest low-cost carrier, is increasing its flight offerings in Lappeenranta. A new route will be launched between Lappeenranta and southern Germany in October. The route will be flown from Memmingen Airport, located 110 kilometres southwest of Munich.

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6/18/2020 11:00 AM

In late 2019, the regional councils of South Savo and South Karelia and the cities of Lappeenranta, Mikkeli, Savonlinna, Imatra and Varkaus signed the Saimaa Agreement. The agreement stated that target-oriented development and marketing efforts will be continued to promote tourism in the Saimaa area between 2020 and 2025. The goal is to make the Saimaa area one of the top three Finnish tourist destinations alongside Lapland and the Helsinki Metropolitan Area.

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2/27/2020 3:00 PM

Lappeenranta Airport is prepared for the coronavirus. The City of Lappeenranta and the airport are closely following the situation as well as the guidelines issued by the authorities, and will act accordingly. In Finland, The Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) is monitoring the international status and developing guidelines for the health care services and laboratories, assessing the health risks associated with the coronavirus as well as preparing an estimate about the direction in which the coronavirus situation can potentially develop.

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2/14/2020 9:25 AM

Lappeenranta Airport has introduced a digital Lakeland Experiencessales channel. Travellers arriving in Lappeenranta and Saimaa can book and purchase tourism services and products through the service. After booking and paying for the product, the customer receives a booking confirmation and further instructions directly from the service provider.

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