5. Harbor Shore Route + Kasino Park

Joy of life under linden trees’ shelter.
Lappeenranta’s title trees – lindens – border the path starting from Sandcastle all the way to Myllysaari Beach. The scenic route that follows the shore of Saimaa goes past Harbor Square, offering yet another magnificent view of the Fortress ramparts and the city’s silhouette that is rising in front. The atmosphere on the shore route is energetic and relaxed, since active athletes as well as carefree vacationers both use the route. There are various benches along the route to enjoy the summery feeling.
Address: Satamatie 11-1, distance from center 1 km

Also the Kasino Park is under lindens’ shelter. During the city tour, Kasino Park is a good resting place because from there it is easy to continue the jorney in any direction.

Attachment-4 k.jpeg'

The park opens directly onto Lake Saimaa and it is also possible to enjoy live music when artists from the nearby terraces and stages are performing.

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Address: Ainonkatu 10-13, distance from center less than 500m 


Vanessa Techera