Hi I am Roberta from Italy. I am studying for the MSc in computer science at LUT, this is my first year here in Lappeenranta and I will have another more year here to enjoy the city!

Roberta's experience on a sailing boat

Kirjoittanut Roberta  Luotu 27.06.2016

Hello again!

I am back again and now with warm weather and a sunshine! What’s best is the unique experience I had on a sailing boat on a sunny Tuesday afternoon. Oh, I had such a nice time after work!


I arrived at the harbor just on time to jump on the sailboat and start the trip. That was the first time I met the crew. There were four people in total plus me the “visitor”. Are you wondering that if I was the visitor what were the others? Well they explained me that they were all experienced in sailing, and that we were about to start a sailing competition. Competition! There were three other boats in the training session. I was really excited to get to participate. I asked so many questions, some of which may have been very stupid, yeah part of the excitement, you know! I got to know so many things about rules and waterway traffic signs, which I was totally unaware of when I looked at them from the harbor!




After some explanations the competition started. I was ready and careful not to hit my head anywhere and more over not to step into one of the ropes and eventually fall into the lake, which would have been just so much fun!



From the picture you can definitely see how much I enjoyed and how they concentrated on manipulating the ropes and taking care of the movement. I in turn relaxed so much! Especially when we were going at the speed of the wind, in that moment I enjoyed the sun and calmness in real unique way! Of course, I enjoyed the view as well! I was enjoying even the busy moments, when the others changed the sails to make the most out of the wind. It was so interesting, and of course my imagination ran wild …what if the wind changed immediately and the sails moved fast and hit one sailor, well…a nice swim would have been the result, I guess. :D



After an hour, which passed really too fast actually, we approached the harbor again. Thanks, also, to the nice weather the view from the lake to the shore was really beautiful! It was time to pull the sails down and back the ropes away after which we had a small chat. We relaxed all together on the anchored boat.



Gorgeous old-fashioned competition boats are surprisingly nice (I usually like modern things). Sailboats got the look. Thank you crew, I will join you again as soon as possible!


Let’s enjoy the summer! And I will be back with another experience soon.