Bicycle trip Lappeenranta – Taipalsaari

It is a weekend now, and the weather outside is great: warm, sunny and calm. I am not willing to stay at home, and would rather spend the day ahead outdoors in the form of some recreational activity – a pastime good both for body and soul. There are quite a few options for such a pastime, but being a true cyclist, I opt for a cycling journey.

Should you want to consider this option too, and join me for the small cycling adventure, you can learn more about it from VisitLappeenranta website:

Readily available here is all the info you might need to make a perfect two-wheel adventure: maps with all the routes, cycling destinations nearby, as well as ones located farther away – for those of you who want to make a holiday out of it. Paper versions of the maps are available at the Tourist Information center of Lappeenranta at IsoKristiina Shopping Center.
Whatever route you prefer – be it a short town ride or an endurance ride to Joutseno – you will need a two-wheeled companion. If you are lucky to have a bike, it is easy, but if you don’t have one, well… it is easy too! During the summer season, you can rent one from the Tourist Information point situated on the territory of the so famous Sandcastle.

Bicycle trip 2.JPG

Other than that, you can check Pyörä Expert shop, Drakkar Sport Oy, and Saimaa Adventures.
Once you have got hold of a ride companion, it is time to decide on a route. I have been told many times, that Lappeenranta – Taipalsaari route is the most beautiful one, at least among those around the town. The scenic route is much-admired for its picturesque views of Saimaa Lake. Why write about it? Let me better show you!
Lappeenranta – Taipalsaari (#1 in the map) route – if you make it to the end of it – is about 30 km long. It starts from the Harbour Square and leads you all the way to the Village center of Taipalsaari.

Bicycle trip 3.JPG

As you cycle along the route, you will be seeing a number of lovely sceneries, and a few interesting places.

Bicycle trip 4.JPG

Just follow the signs and check the map.

Bicycle trip 5.JPG

A spectacular random stop-By.

Bicycle trip 6.JPG

Bicycle trip 7.JPG

Halfway through the route – in the northern part of the Kuivaketvele island - you will be passing a site of an ancient Kuivaketvele hill fort.

Bicycle trip 8.JPG

A former defensive site, the hill fort now offers a rather peaceful and spectacular view over the beauty of the South Karelian nature.

Bicycle trip 9.JPG

As you cycle further, the nature will be revealing more and more to you.
Another site worth mentioning, which will appear later on the route at the turn to Saimaanharju town, is a concrete embrasure.

Bicycle trip 10.JPG

That graffitied building on the left.

Bicycle trip 11.JPG

As reward to those who make it to the end of the route, the final destination – the Röytty House Museum – offers a few interesting things to see and learn.

Bicycle trip 12.JPG

Located next to the church in the village of Taipalsaari, the museum is a former military residence and a place of rest for travelers. It was first mentioned in 1680.

Bicycle trip 13.JPG

Bicycle trip 14.JPG

At present, Röytty House mainly serves as a café. It displays objects related to inn traditions and the history of Röytty and Taipalsaari.

Bicycle trip 15.JPG

You can enjoy the authentic atmosphere of the museum while having a cup of coffee with a piece of pastry.

Bicycle trip 16.JPG

Located closest to the Röytty House is a set of storehouses.

Bicycle trip 17.JPG

Bicycle trip 19.JPG

Bicycle trip 18.JPG

Displaying a collection of old agricultural tools, household items and interior showcases, they pay a tribute to the part of the history of Taipalsaari.
As you will be going back to town, these views will challenge your intention to leave.

Bicycle trip 20.JPG

Bicycle trip 21.JPG

Bicycle trip 22.JPG

I hope you have enjoined this little trip of ours. I enjoyed it a great lot. Hop on a bike and experience it by yourself! With the wide choice available, you are sure to find a route that best suites you.
Next on my list is the Lappeenranta – Lauritsala – Kanavansuu canal route.
This is all for now.